“OIRF’s 2nd Annual Old Island Tours”

The Aims and Purposes of the Old Island Foundation

“A group of Key Westers, who felt that the landmarks and architecture of the island might, with the passage of time, become purely legendary, founded the society in 1960. From its inception it has been affiliated with the National Trust for Historic Preservation chartered by Congress to safeguard America’s historic heritage. A non-profit organization, its members are dedicated to preserving the beauty, the structures and the lore of old Key West. Membership fees constitute a fund for restoring the best of generations past, as a heritage for the generations to come.”

Island Invitation

“Come walk a while through narrow crooked lanes,
While the moon sun strikes hot on windows’ walk
High on the fooftop…here still hopeful eyes
Turn seaward for the sigh of long lost sail,
For sight of men whose bones were sea bleached
Under the sun the bougainvillea’s blooms
Paint royal purple on a wall of grey,
And on green fronds, as a silent as a leaf,
Small lizards stalk their unsuspecting prey.”

Old Island Restoration Foundation Tours

Friday, March 10, Saturday, March 11, 1961

Old Homes Tour – 10 am to 12 am and 2 pm to 5 pm, $2
Tropical Living Tour – 10 am to 12 am and 2 pm to 5 pm, $2
Evening Garden Tour – 7 – 11 pm, $2
All 3 tours $5

The Homes

Old House Tours

  1. 410 Caroline Street – Mr. and Mrs. Elton L. Newton
  2. 615 Caroline Street – Mr. John Eberhardt
  3. 3 Higgs Lane – Mr. and Mrs. William V. Mason
  4. 610 Southard Street – Mr. and Mrs. Curry Moreno
  5. 711 Simonton Street – Mr. and Mrs Edgar Willing
  6. 1305 Truman Avenue – Mrs. H.C. Galey
  7. 1411 Olivia Street – Mr. Daniel Stirrup

Tropical Living Tour

  1. 400 South – Mr. and Mrs. Granville Smith
  2. 906 Johnson Street – Mr. and Mrs. J.Y. Porter, IV
  3. 3637 Avenue E – Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Trevor
  4. 3726 Sunrise Lane – Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wilson
  5. 3750 Sunrise Lane – Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Golan
  6. Thompson Island – Mrs. Norberg Thompson

Evening Garden Tour

  1. 612 William Street – Mrs. Gordon Seagrove
  2. 700 Simonton Street, garden gate – Mrs Albert Mills
  3. 1409 Duncan Street – Colonel and Mrs Raymond Vermette
  4. 1128 Flagler Avenue – Mr. and Mrs Herman Holtsberg
  5. 3439 Rivera Drive – Mr. and Mrs. James A. Flenner

The ProgramS

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